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Thank you page:

Please visit our myspace profile: for updates on shows and news about CFBD. For the time being, we have decided to use this page to say thanks to everyone that has ever done anything for us.

This is a dynamic list, that will continually be updated, but we, as a band owe so many so much and here are a few of you we would like to recogize:

Kim, Melanie, Alyssa, Amanda, Ashely(no one else has sacrificed more for this band); Alivino (Crooked Ways); Germane (Young Jeezy); Dan H; Mike G (Keys); Mike T; Manny (Halfstack); James (Jim Bob); Danver; Cisco the Artist; Mark & Justin (Rudy's Studio); the boyz in Killing Kings; the girls in High Five; Mark (Food Friends Hardcore); Tony (Global Sound); Brianne Glover (Photography); The Cutting Edge (Rehearsal Space & Van); Kevin (Statik Facotry Records); Liz & Dave (DWE); Glen (Clear Gravy Studios); Doug from Colorado Music Buzz; Ben and Mike from Soda Jerk Presents; Rally the Fray, As We Speak, Before We're Done, End of Empires, Left in the Fire, I am the Shotgun, Only Hollow, OWHH, Eyes Fall Open, Ryan (eCustom Designs), Chuong Nguyen (legal), TJ, Maris the Great, KBPI Metalix, Sox Place, the Underground, All the Splitfoot Nucks, the town of Ft. Lupton, and plenty more coming soon...



Come Forth By Day is a colorado hardcore / metal / pop band that habitually throws caution into the wind and refuses to drive 55